Thursday, March 22, 2018

Go back to Austria

Adolph Schwarzenegger, the former RINO governor of California is showing once again how damaging steroid abuse can be to the mind. The man whose claim to fame include groping many women in his long career as a lousy actor, is demanding that the mega owners refuse to fund the campaigns of their puppets in congress.
I see that as a great thing. If these mega donors don't give a dime, then the politicians will be beholden to no one. Voters with a brain are not going to support liberal republicans. Look how well Kasich did in the 2016 primary. Or low energy Jebito.
Back in 2000 conservative voters had a choice, liberal spender George, or the loonytune Chinese owned Gore. 2004 was no better as liberals found an even more liberal POS in scream queen Dean and Vietnamese war hero Kerry. The NVA's hero, not America's.
By 2006 the republicans were proving they could spend as liberally as the liberals, and Americans revolted. many stayed home, some held their nose and voted for a blue dog.
2008 saw the worst mistake in American history as Barry Soetoro upstaged Jimmy Carter as the worst presisdent in history... thanks to republicans picking a liberal retard in McInsane. Was it the brain cancer? Or is he really that despicable a human? He then got an encore as republicans did what Dergropenfuerer advocated  and picked liberal Mittens. Lets face it, Willard was the white Obamunist.
Republcans have a chance. If the money bags take the path being advocated, we could be rid of Mitch the bitch, Lyin Ryan and a host of other bad and worse RINOs. Lets hope it happens. Republican voters can chose if there is a choice presented. If not, we can suffer two years of crappy representation, then get some one to replace the liberals in 2020.

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