Saturday, March 10, 2018

One less gun in the hands of a criminal

Democrap Karen Mallard has made the news by chopping up an AR-15 sporting rifle and posting video of it. Good Job! One less weapon in the hands of a potential mass murderer. If a conservative had done it, it would be a foolish senseless waste of a perfectly good rifle. Lets hope a bunch more liberals go full retard and do the same thing.
The left is opposed to people having a right to own the tools necessary to protect their life and family. Is this a surprise? The left hates all innocent life, especially unborn babies. They do love their violent criminals though and will go to great lengths to keep them from being deported. They want the borders open so those violent criminals can bring their mayhem to all corners of the nation.
Oops, I forgot, they already are full retard.

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