Saturday, March 17, 2018

What if David Hogg wasn't the bitch of George Soros?

Whinny brat David Hogg is sticking to his soap box. The spoiled idiot now is claiming that Connor Lamb, the democrat who it appears won in Pennsylvania, did so because people are sick of President Trump's policies and the NRA "control" of  Republicans. Never mind that Lamb ran a pro gun campaign. Never mind that Lamb claims to support gun owners rights to have high capacity mags. Never mind that there will likely be a recount, and there are still military and over seas ballots to count.
Sure, Lamb may turn out to be a Nancy P. Lousy lackey once he gets sworn in, and the revelations by the Tree House that Lyin Ryan's PAC backed Lamb are unsettling. It may be though that Lamb, a Marine Corps Veteran, might be viewed by the district as more palpable than a carreer politician like Saccone.
They only told us how they voted, not why.
The hands behind the gun conrol movement are about control, not guns. They want to  disarm Americans so they can create the next socialist utopia. They want fascism. We all know that Soros was a henchman of Hitler, and is still quite proud of his part in sending his fellow Jews to slaughter. The hand that controlled Barry Soetoro wants to make us another Venezuela, or Cuba, or North Korea. Why do people like him and the greenies hate success?
America was founded with the cast offs of Europe. It was not the heirs of the king who came here and settled the land. It was the peasants who had been in debter's prisons, the man who could not afford a house. Yes, many were looking for religious freedom, most just were hoping to find a better life, a chance at life. We began with out princes and royalty. We took in the huddled masses and what came out was a transformation like none other. Inventiveness, creativity, call it what you will, it was spawned by living in a land where you could become rich even starting with nothing, if you were willing to work hard for it. American ingenuity came from Irish, French, German and just about every other national group, and it didn't happen with the brightest and best of their lands, it happened with  the poor folks yearning to breathe free. America is often pointed to as a massive consumer of resources. It is true, but we turn those resources into products that have made the world a better place. Now Soros and his ilk want to steal that from us and put on us the chains our forefathers cast off to come here. Soros though is merely a puppet of Satan, and just like his puppet Barry, he has limited use.
As to Hogg, the crisis actor has become the newest poster child for abortion on demand gun control. His use is even more limited than Barry's. One mouth, one message, not much else. Go back to school boy, and this time learn something.

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