Monday, March 5, 2018

Rethink the 2A?

Alec Bawlbaby, the loony communist who plays President Trump on SNL wants to rethink the Second Amendment, the one thing that keeps anarchists like his precious Barry at bay, and coincidentally protects his right to be a total ASS.
OK, Fine, lets rethink the 2nd. #1. Require all citizens over sixteen and under seventy to be members of a militia, to be proficient with firearms, and to drill at least 24 days per year wit ha militia organization approved by their state of residence, or loose their right to vote and own property.
#2. Mandatory minimum sentence of death by hanging for any legislator who introduces legislation which infringes on the right to keep and bear arms or which limits access to sufficient ammunition for training and regional or national preparedness.
#3. Require every municipality over 1,000 residents to maintain a range for marksmanship training.
#4. Require every municipality over 5,000 residents to maintain a cavalry troop in addition to Infantry.
#5. Require every municipality over 10,000 residents to maintain a battery of artillery in addition to cavalry and infantry.
#6. Require every municipality over 500,000 residents to maintain a squadron of aircraft as designated by the President, either fighters, transport, attack, or such other capabilities as may be necessary to meet nation defense requirements.
#7. All Officers below Colonel to be elected by the rank and file, and trained at a national training facility.
#8. All Non-Comissioned Officers to attend basic training and a suitable primary leader's course.
#9. All members of the militia to receive 100 rounds per year for marksmanship training. Additional ammunition shall be the responsibility of the individual.
#10. Every resident, at age 16, to attend a state run basic training facility. upon graduation, each resident shall receive their permanent assigned weapon.
#11. The top marksmen from each region shall be established into a designated marksman unit. The top 20% from each local unit shall compete with their contemporaries at the regional level, and the top 10%, 50% of those participating shall be advanced to a state competition. At said state competition, the top 5%, 50% of those attending shall be qualified for a period of two years to serve as the state's corps of designated marksmen and shall also be the SWAT for local regional and state police, on call when needed.
#12. If a resident is unable or unwilling to serve in an armed capacity, to include those convicted of violent crimes, they shall forfeit their citizenship, but shall still be required to serve in a capacity as either a cook, quartermaster, or such other support position as may be deemed necessary for the needs of the militia. Desertion shall be punished as in bygone era's by firing squad.
In times of national need, the President shall task the governors of each state with raising companies, battalions, regiments and divisions to protect the nation from attack or invasion.
Those are my ideas, just a few I thought of off the top of my head.
Alec, being a worthless liberal commie hack would probably not be happy with any of them. My bet is he'd be a deserter if not a traitor.

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