Saturday, November 7, 2009

Allahu Akbar = a lie fubar

The media are spinning faster then a child's gyroscope on Radical islamist Nidal Malik Hasan. That this extremist is a home grown terrorist makes it all the worse. Some one must be preaching hate from the pulpit besides Reverend Wright.

I and a lot of bloggers have spent a fair amount of pixels condemning Wright. In his defense, no one from Trinity UCC has gone on a killing rampage screaming Jesus made me do this.

The media are trying to twist this. Face it folks, the Koran says for them to hunt us infidels down and slay us. This is not some obscure text, this is in the Koran. Their Imams read it and harp on it. Weak minded people buy into this Bullshit and look what happens. Thirteen Americans dead, more wounded, Units preparing for deployment disrupted. Its one thing to take casualties in battle, another to take them here at home.

We can lay part of the blame for this squarely at the feet of George W Bush. This Islamist was in the military through out most of his tenure. It was under his watch that the PC Bs regarding islam as a religion of peace was reestablished in the wake of 9-11. Islam is a hate filled pack of lies foisted on us by a terrorist cult. CARE has been discredited as has nearly every organization in America preaching that Islam is peaceful. This is a super FUBAR on the part of our military and our government.

Its time to move on. We will bury our dead, but this demands vengeance. We can't kill em all, we don't need to kill em all. What we need to do is set an example. No mercy for this asshole. He is going to hell. There is no heaven for muslims. Execute him in the most abominable way possible. If he had accomplices, execute them as well.

No more compassion for radical muzzies. On the battle field or back home, if they are preaching hate, practicing hate, meet hate with love and put them out of their misery. Love em to death.

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