Monday, November 30, 2009

Four officers slain.

By now you have read about this in articles from American Pravda, so I won't bother giving them a link.
We know that four officers who had just started their shift were murdered. This was not an execution style hit, executions are done by binding the guys hands, standing him in front of a wall, giving him one last smoke, a blindfold, and then three to six guys pump high powered rifle rounds into his chest. These officers were anbushed, pure and simple. Maurice Clemmons, the suspected murderer is on the lam. he has a long and disgusting criminal carreer starting when he was a teenager.
In this country we have a juvenile justice system, it is a joke. We should confine crimes to the juvenile justice system that are age specific, such as runaways and teens in possession of alcohol. The ones who rob rape and murder should be tried in the regular court system regardless of when they did the crime. its true a small child does not understand the ramifications of killing someone, and that should be an acceptable defense just as is used for mentally handicapped criminals. If a thirteen year old is stealing, it is often because his parents have not gotten him on the right path. he needs to be dealt with accordingly.
I don't favor long sentences. They are a waste of time and money. Prisons should be harsh, as bad as the worst living conditions people can experience in America, or for that matter, the world. No TV, no radio, one book as long as it is a text from an established religion. No exercise rooms, and limited space. My idea is a space requirement of about 200 cubic feet per criminal. So a cell measuring 12X12 1/2 X 8 ft high would be able to house six prisoners. Set a height limit also of eight feet, so even if the cell had a ten foot ceiling it would not matter. two bunks in the cell would be enough, they can hot rack just like our submariners do.
Set a maximum of twenty years for any single crime, and also a max of twenty five years for any individual. Seems low? Not really. If it would take more then that to adequately punish them, then execute them. The constitution has prohibitions against cruel and unusual punishments. Note first, the word and. It means that both items need to be true. The courts seem to miss that point, and judges who cannot grasp that need not be judges.So, make harsh sentences the norm, and the second stipulation goes away. Punish judges who want to coddle scumbags. Congress, not the courts should determine what is cruel. In my opinion, locking some guy up for life is cruel. All he is at that point is a caged animal. The criminal has no reason to rehabilitate himself, so we need to give him one. Make mandatory the execution of all repeat, ALL third time offenders.
It doesn't necessarily need to be public, but I feel that prisoners should have to watch at least one execution to impress to them that they need to clean up their act.
Prisons seem to have a riot problem when they crack down. make participation in a riot a mandatory hanging offense. Make it a capital crime for any judge to waive that stipulation, meaning that any judge who refuses to sentence a criminal to death when it is required would also be executed.
For rioters, do not use the English long drop method. Render their hands useless, either by smashing them, or wrapping them. place the noose arround their neck, then raise them to a point where they just barely contact the floor. Then remove the bindings from their hands and feet. That way, the other prisoners will get the hint that this is not a good way to die.
I do not want scum like Maurice Clemmons pardoned or paroled. By the time he was eighteen, he was at the point where he was beyond redemption as far as I can see. Huckster should never have commuted his sentence. Hind site is twenty twenty on that. Unfortunately, the time Maurice Clemmons served is about normal for criminals who did what he did. In fact, murderers often serve less time then he did.
As far as I'm concerned, the following offenses should merit death,
Murder whether first or second degree. I don't care if you call it manslaughter, its murder in my book.
Any death that happens as the result of any other crime. I don't care if it was a fellow criminal killed by the police or the intended victim.
Any rape which is not date rape. I make a slight distinction here because its possible that it is buyers remorse, but if a date rape drug is used, hang em.
Any molestation of a child where it can be proven that the adult knew the actual age of the child, or that the child was under sixteen years of age. I make that distinction because some kids look and act older then they are. When a thirteen year old is hanging out in a bar, as far as I'm concerned, it should not be a crime if an adult has sex with them.
Any third felony offense. I'm not wanting to execute folks for three shop lifting convictions, but rather for their refusal to conduct themselves with in the norms of society.
Any riot while in prison, or a second escape from custody. If they are that unwilling to accept responsibility for their behavior, they need to be removed from society. As far as I'm concerned, any assault on a prison guard is the same as rioting, and any assualt on another prisoner.
Any act by any person whether a civilian or police officer to falsely convict anyone of a capital crime. That means any person who makes a false accusation such as a false report of rape, any officer or prosecuter who plants or falsifies evidence.
The last thing I would like to see happen is a requirement to streamline all appeals. We need to get them from court room to grave in under eighteen months. The execution needs to happen while the crime is still fresh in peoples minds.
We also need to be open to findings of innocence no matter when they discover the travesty. For that reason the appeals process should start with a lie detector test for the convicted. If there is any question as to evidence or data, put the officers through a lie detector as well.
We can fix our criminal justice system. The degradation of our society has proven beyond a shadow of doubt that coddeling criminals leads to worse behavior.

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