Friday, November 13, 2009

As the circus turns

Well, thats exactly what this has become, the decision to move the trial of  Kaleed Shaek Muhamed to New York is a cruel joke. That the man cannot get a fair trial in NYC should be a forgone conclusion. That emotions against him will run high should be as well.
The first question that needs to be addressed is were his acts a crime or acts of war? It should be obvious to everyone that this does not fall into the realm of criminal behavior unless the term war crime is attached, because that is exactly what it was. The motivations behind this were political in nature. This was not an attempt to extort money, it was an attack based on our having troops in Saudi Arabia, and the US failures in diplomacy regarding muslim fighters in Afghanistan. It runs deeper, a lot deeper, but none of that changes it into a criminal act alone.
The second question is, since this was an act of war, is there any justification in using a civilian court? I would say no. I have lost faith in our justice system. I know it is the best in the world, yet its flaws are being leveraged by corrupt lawyers to seriously harm our nation. The question should ultimately turn on guilt or innocense, yet too often it becomes a matter of a dull jury with little interest in true justice, but rather one with an agenda who have been cherry picked by the lawyers.
Juries are flawed. I do not want to do away with our system, I want to fix it. If a person is dismissed from jury duty for anything ther than a direst conflict, as in knowledge that would prevent impartiality, they should loses voting privledges for ten years.
Another problem is civil rights at trial. When a suspects rights are violated, the offending officer should be punished, not the nation. Bad DA's, corrupt cops, those are the ones who should be punished, but instead a perp gets to walk and the coruptocrats go on like nothing happened.
I would put KSM in front of a military tribunal. The decisions are made by professional officers not easily swayed by emotions. After he is found guilty, he should be executed in the most undignified way possible. Yup, pig blood bath for this cocksucker, then kill him.

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