Wednesday, November 18, 2009

World polution on the rise? Thanks Al

Follow the money, and look at the facts. Lets start with the money. Barry Soetoro has embarked on a massive spending binge and it is being funded by China. America has borrowed more cash in the last nine months then at any time in our history, and it has come from China. Traditionally communist countries are cash strapped with weak economies. That is not the case with China. Thanks to American spending and investment, the nation is flush with cash. Kyoto further fueled their economy. When the lies about global warming were being spread, China and India were given a by on ecological controls. They are the worst polluters on the planet. They have not improved on their record.

Cheap occurs several ways. Low pay for workers? Check. American unions have forced prices here through the roof and beyond the clouds, but that is not the case in China where the meager pay makes our poverty level look like a kings wage.

Low quality? Check. It has much improved in recent years, but Chinese made products are still low quality compared to the stuff made here at home.

Technology? Check. Whereas western companies invested in research and development, the Chinese got most of theirs by theft. In some cases western companies have built in China and the tech has wandered about, but in many cases it has been stolen. That is especially frightening in cases of military tech which have come to light. We know a lot was lost during the Clinton years, but how that trend continued after 9-11 is quite murky. Our focus has been on the war on Islamic terror, not on industrial espionage. So the hard work of American business is now feeding our competition for free.

Economic controls? Check. We are in a recession and yet greenhouse gasses are on the rise. Now, I'm not into the global warming BS, never have been. Its not about that even though it is the main subject of the referenced article from today's noise err news. American and western European factories have had the best pollution control in the world for years. When smog became a concern, the companies responded to public pressure and made vast improvements. But that is not the only stuff that got corrected. Many chemical processes created pollutants that damaged streams and ground water. In some cases pollutants were unknowingly dumped onto roads as was the case at Love Canal, and leeched into the ground water. Over time, we learned. Many chemicals once thought harmless are quite deadly. PCBs, trichlorathane and asbestos just to name a few.

China is becoming the world leader in photo cell production. Their product sells well below the market cost for German made cells. Why? Germany has pollution controls in place that are costing millions and driving the prices. China does not. Germany's controls are not a bad thing. The silicon byproduct is a hazard. If dumped into a stream, it kills everything. When dumped on land it creates a dead zone and leaches into the ground water. China dumps the stuff by the truckload onto farm fields and rice paddies.

The Chinese are suffering from this. No one cares. China is over populated. They have had a one child policy in place for decades. They have slaughtered babies by the score through forced abortions. Its no secret, they do not value life. We do. Or at least we should.

Kyoto needs to be scrapped. The whole idea of global warming needs to be tossed away. Its a lie, we know its a lie. Even Al Gore knows its bullshit, look at how the useless turd lives. We need to limit real polluters such as PCBs. Carbon dioxide is plant food.

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