Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A lot of political votes to watch

With all the fuss about governors in Virginia and New Jersey, and the New York 23, one election issue that has been missed is the gay marriage vote in Maine. That this has been over looked is amazing to me. It was a hot bed issue in California last election. It was big in the news when The supreme injustices of the court in Massiveclueless forced it down peoples throats as well.

That's right, I don't support gay marriage. Here's why.

Marriage is a fundamental religious issue. Marriage is a church ceremony, and in some churches regarded as a sacrament. The constitution specifically guarantees freedom of religion and says the government cannot touch religious issues.

Marriage became a political issue when the government decided to put the squeeze on the Mormon church. It was then the feds forced marriage from its rightful realm inside of churches into the political spectrum. That was wrong and is still wrong.

What am I saying? The government, all government needs to get out of the marriage issue entirely. return it to its rightful realm, the church. If a church wants to allow homosexual marriage, it is their business. Likewise, if a church wants to allow plural marriage, it should be nobodies business but the church's. Last, divorce should also be constrained inside the church. if a couple wants a divorce, it should be the decision of the church. This will never happen. Divorce is big business for the liars err lawyers.

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