Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thanks to our Veterans.

I had lunch today with a good friend, a Vietnam vet. As we sat in Sirloin Stockade and enjoyed our meal, our attention was drawn to a group of vets in older unforms, clearly the color guard from the morning parade. These men, proud veterans were not anything close to young. All were Korea or WW2 vets. Our speculation was what would happen at the VFW if any of the younger crowd tried to take their place in the honor guard. My money is on the old timers simply because none of the younger vets would have the audacity to dare take that honor away from them. I know I would not. My name is on a plaque some where along with the names of several hundred warriors brave. I feel humbled, knowing how small my contribution was to be named with men who have won the silver star, earned a purple heart, or gave their last full measure.

Consider now the words of SSG Barry Sadler.

What is the badge of courage?
What makes men fight and die?
What is the badge of courage,
Over which brave men try?

Well, its a simple little thing we wear,
But a thing not just anyone can bear.
you must study and learn and work and earn
the right to the badge of courage.

What is the badge of courage?
Its sweat and blood and tears.
What is th badge of courage?
Its the work, of many, years.

Its a thousand purple hearts
For which our blood is shed
Our story is writ in histories scroll
In bright bright lines of red.
And its the Medal of Honor.

What is the badge of courage?
Well, if you don't know now, I can't tell you.


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