Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happiest states are wealthy and tollerant?

This is just one more crazy article in the "we'll tell you what to think" category. lets be real here. California is in their top ten. The state is a financial nightmare. And tollerant? The homosexuals are the most intollerant bunch you will likely find. They are angry because people don't see things their way. They will be first to tell you that the number one state, Utah is full of intollerant mormons. Sheesh, what a pack of garbage.
I can understand Minnesota making the list, They are happy folk up there. they have never known a winter without minus 20 kelvin temperatures, and 200 feet of snow, so have no idea what easy living could be. Of course, if you love to ice fish, its perfect. I caught over two hundred pounds of ice last time I went, and I didn't even bait my hook.
I guess maybe I hate being fed BS, and that article was full of it.

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