Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lethal injection is too easy.

Thats not just my opinion, the man considered the father of lethal injection says so as well.

"Now Chapman, semiretired in California at age 70, said he believes the system he helped create shows condemned inmates too much mercy.

"Their death is made much too easy by this sort of protocol for the crimes that they committed," he told The Associated Press last week."

Thats what I say. I'm OK with it though because I know that they won't get it easy in the after life. A horriffic method would have them cringing and crying. they would turn to GOD and seek his face. So a humane method might very well condemn them to eternal hell.
GOD wants all men to be saved. his method of execution is barbaric. people the world over condemn Islam, but it comes from the very Bible many Christians ignore. People facing stoning turn to GOD. (Well, the islamofreaks turn to a pagan moon god.) remember, there is no god named allah, and Muhammed was a pedophile.

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