Sunday, November 1, 2009

Scum in the New York republican party.

So Scozzafava has dropped out, good! What does a republican candidate do when they wisely withdraw from the race? Well, it seems Scuzzy is backing the democrat. Well, it makes sense, She was way further to the left. What she was doing on the republican ticket is beyond me. I don't care who the rank and file folks are, but when you assend to any elected office and turn out to have views closer to the opposition, then you belong there, and the party decision makers have no business spending dollars on you.
Republican leadership is AWOL. When they have tried to become centrist they have lost and lost big. It is only when the republicans stay conservative that the rank and file rally to them.
In 2008 people saw two candidates who appeared to be centrist. They opted for the dem because they remembered that Worthless Willie was somewhat centrist. It didn't help that Mccain was a wishywash. When he got the nod, I backed him 100% but he was nearly my last pick for a presidential hopeful. That race came down to chosing the evil of two lessers. it looks like America picked the evil.
New York, don't repeat the mistakes of 2008. you cannot claim ignorance now, back the conservative.

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