Sunday, November 22, 2009

What we know, and what to do with it.

Many folks have been saying for years that man made global warming, AGW, was a hoax. The data has been in our favor for several years as well as long term research and studies. With the recent release of e-mails by a hacker, we now have a glimpse into what is going on. I believe it is only scratching the tip of the iceberg, but that just me.

Numerous people have come out with revelations regarding data errors and fudging in the past, and their cries have been shouted down by the AGW crowd. We have known for quite some time that it was a political movement disguised as environmentalism, but our efforts are getting scant attention in the media for obvious reasons, the same ones that prevented them from vetting Barry Soetoro. The media has been in the tank for socialism for decades. That has been clear to me since Carter was president.

We still have freedom of speech and the press even if the major media outlets are screaming socialistic values at the top of their lungs. They are not vast in number, even with the legions of people deceived by them they only mustered 53% in 2008. Keep in mind that a lot of conservatives sat this one out because of the lackluster candidate. John McCain was #9 on my list, but I sucked it up and voted for him in the general election.

Who makes up most of the left? That's an easy one. People who do not do real work for a living. I define real work as the stuff that adds value, or gross domestic product. Breaking that down, we see several types, Welfare slugs are the first. They are not as numerous as we would believe, but still they are a factor. Many of them are too lazy to vote, but in corrupt regions, some one makes sure they get a ballot in the box even if the slug never touched it.

Academia is next. I'm not trying to say that college professors and researchers are not important, but most if not nearly all of them have no grasp on reality. Many of them have never worked out in the real world. I remember on civil engineering student who showed me that he had more field experience then the instructors to the point that he knew the realities of the subject matter better then his profs, and clearly better then the maroon who wrote the book.

Entertainment is a big problem as well. Whether its actors, or sports, they are over paid fluff. When the chips are down, and times are hard, why do we need more entertainment? What sucks is that working folks who are idled often get a movie or take in a sports event to fill their time, further harming our economy by feeding these suckers. You can tack news commentators and their kind onto this group also. They serve a purpose, but they are over paid, over hyped, and clueless shits.

Liars err lawyers. Group politicians into this subspecies. These assholes think they are the cats meow, when truth be told they came out the other end. Sure the first thing they saw was the cats face, but that's only because he was sniffing his turd. What of value do politicians burrocraps and that type do to fuel our economy? Nothing. They are an anchor dragging in the muck slowing recovery, keeping us bogged down and preventing growth in the private sector.

Now we have climategate. What a collaboration of garbage! The academia did yeoman duty building this crap sandwich. The politicians funded it with OUR money. The media and entertainment industry jumped on ht bandwagon as pitchmen for this endeavor, and we got screwed.

Its time for a serious house cleaning. We need to start with 2010 and pitch the politicians out. I say every one of em. When in doubt throw em out, and today there is no doubt.

One we have resecured the halls of congress, the next step is the courts. Clean house. Every liberal judge needs to go under the microscope, and toss the conservative ones under for good measure. Currently ten of thirteen appeals courts have majorities appointed by a conservative president. No real shock, with an advantage of thirteen to twenty in terms of control of the white house, that is to be expected. But is that a measure of conservatism on the part of the court? From my observations, even conservative lawyers tend to be more liberal then the average republican. They also tend to be more accepting of things we find intolerable, hence their inclination to negotiate.

Keep in mind that every appointee has to pass senate confirmation, and appointments by Bush Sr. were limited by a liberal senate. Also it is normal to consult with the senators and representatives when making appointments to courts in their bail wick. For that reason the California court is the most left leaning whacky bunch of ass wipes on planet earth. Three of its current judges are Carter survivors, two appointed by Reagan, two by Bush Sr., thirteen by Clinton, and seven by GW Bush. Senior judges include one by Kennedy, two by Nixon, eight by Carter, six by Reagan, two by Bush Sr., and one by Clinton for an over all configuration of twenty six to twenty one, or thirty two to fifteen When senate influence is accounted for. With those kinds of numbers is it any wonder that California and the west coast is in such poor condition?

We need to clean up the judiciary, pure and simple.

The next and most important step though is to permanently defund all academic organizations that participated in the fraud of global warming. Turn off the spigot, and fasten a lock on it for all time. Tie funding to the folks who perpetuated this fraud as well as the organizations. It is no good to cut funding to one university only to have the scoundrels move to an institution that is funded and continue to pilfer the public treasury with intent to destroy our nation.

Defund also the arts. Public funding for this affront and nuisance is an insult to the nation. If the artists produce material worthy of mention and acclaim, individuals will be happy to step up and drop a dollar into the hat. Hell, even Chuck Johnson gets hits, and his photography is at the lower limit of piss poor and ugly. Private funding has kept him afloat.

The fact is we need to act. This administration has sold us out. The stimuless garbage has increased our debt to China, and when they call the markers, it won't be pretty. The time to act is now.

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