Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ain't no justice in the justice system

Quartavious Davis is right, there aint no justice in the system. he and I disagree though on what would be justice for him. Seems Davis and a few friends decided to become robbers. They made armed attacks on several fast food joints, a Walgreens, and a few other businesses in the Miami area. Reuters shrill, Tom Brown, wants us to condemn Florida for Davis' 1,941 month sentence in Federal court. federal court? Yup, as in The US district. Quart low, is gonna be doing hard time in a federal facility. Considering what he did, the fact he fired on two seperate occasions, and his mental problems, I have no confidence he could ever be safe outside of prison. I'm for executing him. I know, I know, the supreme injustices of the court says its cruel to punish some one like that, BUT, if we do it to every low life scum bag like Quart low vicious davis, we would have a lot fewer scum on the streets. Bear in mind also that he was living on hte federal dime when he did it. He was disabled. spit! For that I'd reduce his sentence, and shoot him with a 22 magnum instead of the traditional 30-30. Just another reason I'm all for packing up the whole slew of dumbasses and sending them to GITMO.

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