Friday, July 13, 2012

What has that asshole done to break a sweat?

So ObamAA+ thinks his problem is too much perspiration and not enough inspiration, and truth be told, he does lack inspiration. He lacks perspiration too.  Other then on the golf course, what has he done that would constitute breaking a sweat? Even figuratively, he has done zilch. He is either the golfer in chief, or the vacationer in chief, and in both endeavors, he has wasted billions of our hard earned money.
Correction, billions of dollars borrowed from China that our grandkids are gonna have to pay back. As far as inspiration, I bet there are millions of little black kids back in Chicago who are inspired by him. Kids who could have cared less about Tiger Woods are now gonna want to be the next golf legend in Warshingtoon.
Seriously, he really thinks he has too much substance? Compared to his style, yes. He has no style. Kinda like the kid who said "my girlfriend is like my I-pod. I aint got an I-pod." and ObamAA+ aint got style or substance. If we put it into comparative terms, he is a gigantic soap bubble made of style and full of substance. Not much to him, so dang thin skinned he should be transparent, which by the way is what he said his governmet was gonna be. It aint that fer dang sure.
His wife is an idiot BTW. If I had a spouse that was as dishonest as Barry day in and day out, you can bet your bottonm dollar I wouldn't believe the words "I love you" ever. If she had a brain, she'd have been gone by now. NOT ON ANOTHER DAMNED VACATION EITHER.
So what do I think his biggest failure thus far is? Thinking communism is gonna work this time arround because gosh dang it, the right people didn't run it last time.
and speaking of time, Its time to send his commie ass back to Kenya.

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