Friday, July 20, 2012

Sue the theater

We can argue about whether The Aurora gunman was insane until the cows come home. Libtards will argue that access to guns made him a crazed killer, but the fact of the matter is that little sign on the front of the theater made the inside a target rich environment.

A lot of businesses don't want CCW permit holders to carry inside their establishments. On the surface, it sound like a good idea, no guns, no violence. The problem is guys like James Holmes are not going to be deterred by a sign asking them to be nice.

Had there been one person in that theater with a gun, Holmes would have been stopped.

But he had body armor you say? Body armor will save your life, it will not soften the hammer blow a 40 caliber round pounds onto your chest. The bullet isn't coming through, but every bit of that energy will be expressed into your ribs, lungs chest and heart. It will hurt.

Short of surrendering our freedom to the government which would guarantee tyranny, there is no way to stop some one like Holmes. I don't for a minute believe he was crazy. He was living in a fantasy world, maybe, but certainly not insane. he planned this, expecting to make a get away like his arch villain hero. Instead, some where in the middle of all the carnage, reality hit him like a brick. That I believe is why he was taken alive and without incident. Do I feel sorry for him? Sorry enough to give him a reduced sentence, we would execute him with .22 rimfires instead of 30-30 deer rifles if I had the option.

Victims and their families are going to go insane though. Remington will get sued as will Glock, and what ever company manufactured the AR-15 clone he used. The real culprits who made this tragedy will escape untouched. they will make speeches about how more useless laws would protect us, knowing full well they are liars.

So I say sue the theater. Their policy of a gun free business made sure there was no law biding citizen there who could protect the victims and stop the asshole. Now twelve people are dead because of that policy.

Sue em! No one will though.


Spartacus said...

While we're talking law suits, the tea party guy ABC news accused of being the shooter should sue too. He should sue ABC into bankruptcy. I think that's the only way the networks will ever learn to get their facts straight before they report.

Gregory said...

I wish your article would make it into major news media publications, because you are 100% correct. The movie theater won't be sued because no one will think about what you wrote here. Could I submit your writing to my newspaper editor?

Gregory said...

Also, I wonder if any schools or colleges will consider this episode. I wonder if the lamestream media will hide the fact that the theater had a "no guns allowed" sign. If not, I bet no other places with similar signs will take them down.