Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yup, knew that

The lame stream media is drawing attention to Sheriff Joes assertion that the birth certificate ObamAA+ released is a clear fake. They are timing it as if it was announced today rather then months ago, and blaming it on his need to redirect attention from Eric the red Holders attacks against him for doing his job.
"The Arizona Democratic Dumb-as-crap Party said in a statement that Arpaio's investigation is intended to draw attention away from problems within his own agency, such as hundreds of sex-crime cases that the sheriff's office failed to adequately investigate over a three-year period."
Seriously? Its a whole diffrent ballgame investigating sex crimes then immigration matters. It takes a specially trained person to handle a sexual assault investigation and not botch it. That seems to escape democrats, but then, if it doesn't involve drugs, or "free" money, they lose attention real fast.
it seems to me that all the democrats do is oppose anyone who thinks they should earn their living rather then get hand outs.
As for ObamAA+s birth certificate, even if it is fake, even if he was born in Kenya, and a citizen of Indonesia, the demon-crap senate will never remove him. A nice token would be the 2013 senate voting him out and nullifying all his appointments.
I can dream can't I? The last three years have been a nightmare.

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