Saturday, July 28, 2012

Does he worship anyone but himself?

The cheerleaders at yahoo are still going on about ObamAA+s religion and hoot that over half of Americans don't know what his religion is.
49% think he is a Christian. They are mistaken as well though, even if Yaholigans want us to think so. ObamAA+ supports the slaughter of infants, ignoring that Jesus said better a millstone be tied around your neck and you be cast into the sea, rather then harm a child.
Yes, I know he spent years sitting in the pews at Reverend Wrights church, but clearly nothing sunk in, and if it did, would it matter? Wright preaches black liberation theology, not Christ Crucified. In spite of the name, its not Christian.
Our nation claims to be over 70% Christian, yet we fail miserably at living up to anything close to those standards. More atheists know the story of Christ then people claiming to be Christians. So its no surprise that people think he might be one. He acts as bad as the ones who led Ghandi to proclaim that Christians were the biggest impediment to Christianity.
I don't think he is Christian, nor do I think he is a believing muslim. He may have been taught about both, but his smug condescending actions tell me he thinks himself god. I'm sure GOD is not amused.
We know that ObamAA+ claims to have been raised muslim in Indonesia, but is it hate of him that leads people to say he is a muslim? I don't think so, I think it has everything to do with him being untrustworthy, nothing else.
So what about Romney? Nearly 60% of people know he is a moron err Mormon. What makes the difference? Well, the first thing I see is that Mitt aint fibbin' 90% of the time, so when he says something, we know its either the truth or something he believes to be true. ObamAA+? not so much. He is so secretive, and lies so often, that only fools buy his BS anymore. that assures him of getting about 90% of the dem vote.

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Gregory said...

You're right about the dems. They just can't open their eyes. Here is a response from a relative who is now making piles of money in sowdi arabia:
Hey Greg!
I'm glad to know that in November you'll be voting for the Republican candidate, WHOEVER and WHATEVER, they may be. Wouldn't want you to stay awake at nights trying to sort fact from fiction, and concentrate your in-depth perception on making America better by voting for the candidate, Republican, Democrat or INDEPENDENT PARTY, most likely to do so. Your votes for 'W' in 2000 and 2004 sure helped we Americans move forward didn't they? PLEASE remove me from your e-mail contact list, including any Group/shotgun distributions. Thanks. ..... DCG
this was in response to an email that I forwarded called: Ten reasons to dislike Mitt Romney--Which briefly extolled his virtues.
They always blame the president and NEVER the Congress...