Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I have a big problem with this

I must be in never never land. A New York court has tossed not one, but two convictions based on New York City's policy to stop and frisk. I am all for the right to keep and bear arms. I also am luke warm at best on certification to carry concealed. To me, thats part of the right we have which the second amendment to the constitution forbids the infringment of. Still, I have to wonder, what business does a fourteen year old kid have toting a pistol? Especially given that the youth in question shot some one not long after his arrest in this case. This kid is a thug, and the police know it. the problem is he will target and attack lawbiding citizens who won't have a pistol i ntheir pocket for protection. New Yorks insane laws prevent them from defending themselves. That nitwit Bloomingidiot err Blomberg should be made to walk the streets of hte city at night with out a body guard evident, and with no means to defend himself. A court should determine what areas are the most dangerous and make him walk them from dusk to dawn. Maybe then he will get a clue as to what the problem is. The Joe averages of NYC have no choice in the matter, most of them cannot afford to move to safer locations, and quite frankly, the problems would move as well. As for my position on CCW, to me its a right, but I can see reasons for a permit structure. I would set three levels: Level one, as long as you do not have a felony conviction, you may carry, but there would be limitations, such as not on aircraft or into bars or schools. Level two, you would have a background check performed, similar to what police or military undergo, to ensure you are not a subversive or a criminal gangsta type. That would gain you access to places such as comercial aircraft. Would the hijackers have gotten control if there had been even one armed citizen aboard each plane? Level three, you would have range certification, and would recertify every three to six months. Nothing fancy, just able to put 25 of fifty into a twelve inch circle at thirty yards. That would give people such as the pilots assurance you would hit the bad guys and not the stewardesses.


Gregory said...

Can you make a link to the article about the New York court?

JeremyR said...

Sorry, I some how deleted the link when I published it.