Monday, July 23, 2012

Down is up, up is down

To add to the insanity that happened in Aurora Colorado because law biding citizens obeyed the law, and, gasp, a criminal did not, we have this from Kentucky where a victim is in trouble because she tweeted the names of her assailants who were given identity protection by a misguided or criminal judge.
I strongly support Savannah. She had the courage to put her name and face out front and demand that the thugs not be allowed to hide. The liar, err lawyer who is bringing the contempt charges should be disbarred, and his mug along with that of the criminals should be displayed on billboards arround town. For a year. At his expense.
This used to be a great country where the father of a girl like Savannah would not allow the perps to stand trial and humiliate his daughter. Instead, they would be buried at a closed casket funeral because their bodies were too horribly mangled to identify. He would have been assisted by the boys fathers in his work, and it would stay on the books forever as an unsolved homicide, or maybe a grizzly mauling. Or listed as suicide.

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Gregory said...

So, dude, what is the name of the perpetrators? I will post them on my facebook page. To hell with judges like that.