Thursday, July 12, 2012

Road trip.

Well, it certainly wasn't like Denny's trip, and I missed catching him in St Jo.
Had to go fetch equipment, so made a good day of it.
First stop for fuel, a driver gets out of the vehicle next to me wearing a shirt that read "You are FULL of it"
At first, I'm going Amazing, I've never been here before, yet my reputation is known.
After a little consideration though, I walked up and asked him which campaign rally he was coming from.


Gregory said...

Bwwwaaahahahahaha. I think I would have just pointed at him and laughed. Reminds me though:
A puppet, a black guy, an illegal alien, a Muslim, a Democrat and a Communist walk into a bar.

Bartender asks ....

"What'll it be, Mr. President?"

JeremyR said...

Greg, his shirt is part of an American Cross blood drive campaign.