Sunday, July 8, 2012


How could a woman as smart as Jane Pitt appears to be have a child as woefully stupid as Brad? If its genetics, Brads father must be dumber then a garden slug. but  we know that William A Pitt is no dummy. He has run a successful trucking company.  My guess though is outside influence. There is something about the Hollywood crowd that is really wrong. They are infested with some of the craziest people in America. The quality of their presentations has fallen off a cliff. They still churn out a few good films, but not like they did half a century ago.
William and Jane are conservative Christians. They hold close those values which make a strong family, These eldest though has fallen in with the wrong crowd. Yes, he has fame and fortune, a failed marriage, a long term relationship with a hottie. He also shows his stupidy in that relationship. When Angelina gave birth to their first child in 2006, they made her a citizen of Namibia, denying her an American birthright. I guess you can never thumb your nose hard enough at America when you are a liberal.
I wouold hate to be Jane Pitt though, her biggest failure is what makes her popular.  Then again, popularity is not what matters in the end, but tripping over paparazzi every time you play with your grandkids has gotta suck. Lets hope Jane has a bigger influence on those kids then Angelina and Brad, because the course that family is taking aint good.
And jane, I'm glad you are an embarassment to them. Be an even bigger one in the coming months.


Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

With the nitwits in the entertainment industry image is everything. It has been "fashionable" in Hollywood, among other branches of entertainment to be very liberal. It's been that way since the McCarthy hearings in the fifties. This is the only explanation I have ever been able to come up with when it comes to the group-think that dominates the loonies in tinsel town.

If you take the demographics in Hollywood, statistically speaking there should be something that would resemble the rest of America. Something around a fifty/fifty split percentage wise. But there's not. It appears to be the only explanation.

Gregory said...

I've never been impressed with brad pitt. And I don't think that baggy lipped broad he goes with is a hottie. Mel Gibson doesn't listen to the liberal bs very much and he has cranked out some great flicks. Maybe he doesn't drink the water in hollywood....