Friday, March 11, 2016

I'm with Bernie... Oh wait, I'm not

Cankles the Criminal has jumped on Slanders the Socialists band wagon regarding college education. Much like Cruz and Rubio mimicking Trump on immigration and other planks that won instant popularity with us "unwashed masses", the Hildabeast is attempting to make inroads wiht the young and gullible.
College has become a scam. Kids absolutely must go to college even if its for a meaningless degree. It used to be that a college education meant something. Today they are participation ribbons at the Special Olympics. Every body gets one! warm or not.
Why should I or any one pay for your education? we don't get a say in what classes you take, nor do we get to hold you to a standard. We get pick pocketed, and you get to sit on your ass for four years, maybe eight and birch that you don't get free contraceptives at the student dispensary.
Can we all see the problem here? We have kids spending $50,000 or more and walking out with a degree that has zero meaning. Those kids got loans from an institution, backed by the feral government, and since Burger King is the only one who needs 300 gender studies majors, they are making minimum wage and can't repay the loan let alone their monthly utilities, rent and car payment.
Yes, you and me, Joe average and mister tax payer now get to pay the bill because no one got the kid on the right track. Mom and dad fucked up, they didn't check to see what a gender studies major can do, what positions are available, what it pays, or what it entails. You'd think that parents who loved their kid would help them be successful. You would think that a bank would demand a plan before they dole out dollars. if you want to build a house, they want detailed drawings. A Jed Clampet shack won't sell for a million. Again, Burger King wages don't go far. You would think that a University would want its graduates to be successful, to make millions, to be proud of their Alma Matter.
Here is one suggestion, tie payment for the degree to the recipient finding a job in the field that pays enough to cover the loan payments. If the University of Chicago churns out 5000 grads with degrees in Afrocentric studies, and only four of them find jobs in fields related to the course of study, then 4,996 kids get a free ride, and that means the profs get a no pay due too.
What would that do for our education system? Think about it.

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