Monday, March 14, 2016

Reap it baby

The poor decisions made by the University of Missouri are coming back to haunt them. Black Lies Matter, and the blacktivists who raged on campus with the aid of idiot Assholeciate professor Melissa Click created a media sensation with their B.S.
Melissa got handed her ass and shown the door only after the legislature got involved and drew a line in the sand. It does not end there.
Enrollment there is 76.4% white and while many whites have fallen for the lies, many more are disgusted by them. The school is bracing for a 25% drop in enrollment. What does that mean? Melissa just cost the school more than $1 million bucks. You go Girl! Oh right, you already went.
I'm sure a lot of those numbers are blacks who won't go to a raciiiiiiiist institution. the other 24.9% are white parents who don't want their kids caught up in an explosive atmosphere. Lets hope other institutions take note. Even parents with a fifth grade education can see through the crap.In other words, Harvard and Yale won't get the hint.
Things got out of hand there when the football team threatened to strike. Let em. Put uniforms on a bunch of walk ons and do a reality TV version of The Replacements. Play your required games, take it on the chin like a real man, then hand every striking player his papers, show him the door. Do it in such a way that no other school can pick them up though. End their NFL aspirations once and for all.
Lets hope the NFL is wise to these clowns. The draft of the daft is only a few short weeks away. May none of them get drafted. Then when the walk on game starts, let none of them get interviews.
This is not the end of black lies. It will morph, grow, and continue to be parasitic to the world.

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