Saturday, March 5, 2016

No one to blame but my self

Today was caucus day in Kansas. This morning I went to the official state site to check times. I knew I was supposed to go to the Columbian in Wamego. There was no time listed on the official state site. I don't get a cage liner, and don't listen to the squawking heads on the loco stations.
I did a google search, and it had a time listed of 3 p.m. so I went to Wamego at 3.
It was then I learned that the democraps were cacaing at 3, and the repubs finished at 2. My goof.
Cruz carried the day here. Not a real surprise, we have a strong evangelical base who listen to the alphabet media and while conservative, believe them. It would be better if he was a natural born citizen of the United States. At this point he's not even qualified to serve in Ottawa.

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