Tuesday, March 15, 2016

These are not conservatives

As Donald Trump continues what appears to be an unstoppable march to the republican nomination, establishment rats with in the party are plotting to give the presidency to Hillary Clinton. They plan a third party run with a palpable candidate who will be massively funded by the Wall Street crowd that launched Jeb Bush, Marko Rubio, and the rest of the gaggle that became the republican field in 2015. Their plans to nominate another lackluster republican insider were derailed when Trump entered the fray. They are now scrambling, like rats in a room full of smoke.
A meeting scheduled for Thursday is being organized by Bill Wichterman, Bob Fischer, and Eric the red Erickson. Erickson has been exposed as just another liberal owned hack. For those of you who remember the days of Little Green Footballs prior to the 2008 elections, you understand what I mean.
Trump is not perfect. He is supportive of eminent domain for private development as well as other things that shift him to the left on the conservative scale. Make no mistake, he is not a Reagan. He is still to the right of all the other "conservative" candidates this cycle, and decidedly to the right of Mittens and McInsane.
Many true conservative sites are not fond of Trump because of his New York brand of liberal conservatism. While I might agree with them regarding his credentials, I also know and understand the dangers posed by Inside outsider Cruz who is funded by the big banks and whose wife is part of the problem given her association with the CFR.
Kasich has no national organization. He was set up to be a splitter, and remains in the race only to siphon voted from Trump, and ensure that Cruz does not have enough votes going in to the convention.
America is in trouble. We have the leaders we deserve. We have tollerated many evils from Abortion to Homosexual marriage and not raised a significant finger to stop the agenda put forth by the power brokers who want a global rather than national economy.
What does it matter? We were the last bastion of freedom. America in the twentieth century was the only bulwark against totalitarian rule. Human rights abusers now control the UN, not that it was ever a stellar group. England and France have long been socialist. Germany still has delusions of world domination.
Governments pandering to social unrest have given hand outs to lazy folks for generations. The hard work of American labor has been siphoned off and passed to third world countries at the expense of our hard work.
We did not become  the center of industrial development by accident. I have no problem with helping other countries develop, but we must require them to have republican rule rather than dictators. If we fund development in nations with repressive governments, they will not flourish and grow. Its like planting an apple tree on top of a rock, then wondering why it didn't grow.
America has led in innovation, not because we are smarter than other nations, test score clearly show we are not. Our lack luster education system guarantees that our youth are squandered. Intelligence across the globe is pretty much static. Except for places where starvation is rampant, well nourished children from any nation could develop the things that happened here. There is not a reason from a genetic perspective why an Asian or African child did not become the Bill Gates of computer software. Instead, it was that the leadership in those nations quashes growth like that.
The atmosphere here is what created Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and every other inventor. It wasn't the water, it wasn't the corn, the cows or the bacon. It was a climate where a person with vision could attempt the unbelievable and take it to unbelievable heights.
The globals thought want to take American innovation and hand it free of charge to those third world countries where individual talent is squashed like June bugs on a side walk. Why? so money can be hoarded instead of shared.
There is so much that goes into the globalist agenda. To better understand it, read the Bible. The last days are not far off. One world government, one money, shared wealth, except the elites won't share theirs. Its all about control and the desire to lord it over others.
Trump is a monkey wrench in their plans, or so it would appear. Whether they succeed depends on us remaining vigilant and not being deceived by the lies they spin.
Bear in mind, their end goal was Hillary in the White House from day one. Just like they managed to stick us with the SCoaMF by running candidates who were as palpable as a dog turd on moldy rye. Now, they my be able to hang that albatross on Trump.
That's my two cents, and if you feel cheated, well, I don't give change.

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