Monday, March 7, 2016

I won't hold my breath

I'm waiting for Saturday Night's Losers to lampoon a communist candidate the way they do Conservatives. No, I don't waste my time watching the dumb asses cavort. I have more important things to do like play solitaire. Or watch dust gather on my counters.
When it premered on Nothing But Crap, I watched about half an episode. Too. Stupid. To. Stomach. That one of their idiots, Frickin Franken managed to steal an election speaks volumes about the quality of viewers on the left. Half of America is below the academic average, they vote democrat.
That said, do they ever go after one of their arch hero's in the way they attacked Palin or Trump? Or is it that outfits like the Communist News Network rehash it when the vial affront is against a conservative?
If you don't think their stupidity reaches the bottom, consider this, Tina Fey's line about being able to see Russia from her door is quoted by libtards as though Sarah actually said it.
Their latest was featured by pravda, racists for Trump? Well, certainly there are some, but the KKK are still an arm of the DemonicRAT party, as are the black lies matter. Yes, Don, I'm calling you a racist.

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