Saturday, March 12, 2016

Can we do it too?

Supporters of Socialist Bernie Slanders shut down a Trump Campaign appearance in Chicago. The mob of thugs conducted themselves just exactly like Hitlers brown shirts, or the marxists who followed Lenin in Russia's revolution.
What stops conservatives from doing the same thing? Surely there are enough patriots to swamp any Bernie event and out number his scumbags five to one. The thing is this is the trademark of evil, and we are not evil. We tolerate much and are often asked made to tolerate the intolerable.
I have stated that I am supporting Trump. That does not mean I am all in and all done for him. He has faults, and he is untested in the political arena. He has been on message from day one, and while his views prior to him entering the race have evolved, they did not do it over night. As far as I can tell, there is no hidden backer. He is primarily self funding, but is accepting individual contributions. The far left media, and even rabid Faux news are giving him tons of free air time as they attack the positions we believe in! Look at every other one of the candidates and you will find big money backers. People who will call the card when the guy is in office.
Now look at their voting records in Congress and you see them doing things they claim to oppose. They have been pandering to the big money interests that ply their trade in Washington.
Money  talks, bull shit walks. Its time for us the voters to tell the people like Rubisho and busTED to take a long hike on a short pier, and not just those two. Every representative who took money from the special interests, who got a lucrative "book deal". Tell them that they are not going back to Washington, so don't bother renewing the lease.
So now is the time to protest folks. Don't do it at a Bernie rally though, do it at the ballot box. Send the George Soros and Koch funded fucktards packing.
We've sent the message in 2010, 2012 and 2014. They don't get it! How many deaths will it take till they know? one term wonders will it take till they are broke? Keep sending the message. If we give up, they win and it is 1939 in Europe all over again but on this side of the Atlantic.

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