Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter. He is risen indeed.

Today we traveled to Wichita to join the family for Easter. Usually not much of a trip. I don't worry much about checking the weather. I can't change it, and if it is bad, I can change my plans as needed.
Last night we got a snow storm through the area. It passed to the south of Junction City. We first encountered snow about half way to Herrington. By the time we reached highway 50, it was getting pretty deep. Mind you, it had quit snowing, this was just the aftermath. The roads were mostly clear, so as we got close to highway 50, I was surprised to see vehicles in the ditch. More surprising, the first was occupied.
He had spun out, entered the ditch, hit a field approach, went air-born for about fifty feet, landed, spun around and pushed up a pile of snow as he stopped.
I flipped around and stopped. The driver put his window down and told me not to bother, his vehicle was dead and a wrecker was on its way. Before I had much chance to say anything, a wrecker did indeed arrive. The operator told us that he had several others to pull out and since they all ran, he was leaving this one for last.
As soon as he departed, I told the driver to pop his trunk. Sure enough, the inertia switch was tripped, and once reset, the car fired up and sounded fine. I pushed him back, pointed out the best route to take and had him out of the ditch in fifteen seconds flat.
BY the time I got back in my truck he was over the hill and out of sight. I caught up to him in about a mile. He was a little cautious after that excitement, and I don't blame him. As I caught up, he pulled to the shoulder and executed a U-turn. As he did, a tangled mass of barb wire came out from under his car.
I again stopped. he rolled down his window and said the car was sounding funny, and he'd decided it was best to head home rather than push his luck any more. I kinda wonder if that hunk of wire caused the sounds he interpreted as the vehicle not running right. In any case, I hope he is fine and sad taht it ruined an otherwise beautiful Easter Sunday.
We got to Wichita and had a wonderful time with the grand kids. All in all, a good weekend.

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