Monday, March 21, 2016

My old tractor

Back about 1998 I purchased a Lull 400 tractor. If you are not familiar with it, its understandable. They are not a farm machine, they are an industrial all terrain fork lift. Mine was built in 1973. The power plant is a Dodge 225 slant six.
They were produced for the construction industry from about 1960 to 1979. After that, the shooting boom lifts began to appear and became popular.
When we first got it, we used it as a mobile scaffold. We were painting several houses, and it was so much simpler to work from a 4X8 platform than off a ladder or scaffold. NO climbing to speak of, just stick a kid at the controls and hang on for dear life.
Yes, my children all ran the machine.  My youngest was eight, and could handle it like a pro in about a week.
After my divorce, I was working for another contractor. One day I had it in town for some project, and after we were done for the day I parked it in the back yard of my girl friend. I got a call from her about an hour later. She said there was a huge jungle gym in her back yard, and did I know where it came from? The name stuck.
Due to its age, parts are becoming harder to find. Most of the stuff that was used can be replaced with similar equipment, but there are a few parts which are unique. I recently wore out the starter. NAPA, Auto Zone, Big A, all came up bust trying to locate one. The old one was a frankenstarter we built from several old ones. We all know MOPAR stands for mostly old parts and rust, but the starter isn't part of the engine, so Mopar starters don't work. They look close, but the bolt pattern is just enough off you can't use them, but too close to allow for drilling and tapping new holes.
I finally located one and made a road trip to fetch it. The jungle gym is no longer yard art.

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