Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hey Romney!

Dear Mittens,
I do not understand why you continue to stick your nose into American politics. in 2012 the Establishment GOP forced you down our throats. Many people like me held out noses and voted for you even though we could discern no difference between you and the miserable failure communist incumbent. You are a slightly less liberal democrat who hides behind an R. So you can win in a democrat state? You must not be much in the conservative department, and you made it clear as glass that is what you are. A K Street hack, shit in a sack.
So your buddy boy Ryan is speaker? That says volumes. Yes, we are as disgusted with him as we were with you. That translates that we are disgusted as hell and M.A.D. as hell at our elected representatives who are representing the interests of Wall street instead of the voters who sent them to Washington.
Now you are crawling out from under your rock to vent your blow hole. Do the world a favor, shut the hell up! The only people who give a rats ass about the lies you are about to spew are the scum with more money than brains who by the way, would still have more money than brains if all they had were two pennies.
Speaking of pennies, you know the old saying, "a penny for your thoughts?" If they give you that tomorrow, you will have cheated them!
Do you hope to convince us rubes, us vulgarians, the fly over country crowd that your Harvard education is some how superior? That it makes you special? I have no respect for it. It is not fit to use as a snot rag. Why? Because you are nothing but a vulgar liberal wearing a cloak of conservatism when you lack any conservative credentials. You have a jurist doctorate. All you know is how to exploit loop hole in the perceived interpretation of the Constitution. You are the political version of the Snake in the Garden of Eden questioning the meaning of the intent. You are the political equivelent of Worthless Willie Clinton stating that it depends on what the meaning of is is.
You and your crowd do not speak for us, you do not represent us. Your version of conservatism is to take this once great nation over the cliff in low gear while the the like of Hillary, Bernie and Barry want to do it in over drive.
The voters thus far have soundly rejected you mini-me Jeb Bush and his mini-me Marko Rubio. GET. A. CLUE! Your buddies in New York wasted a boat load of money funding those two losers, and btw, funding you.
If you really want to do us a favor, it is this, Don't go away mad, just go away. Take your rejected ass some where it will be appreciated. Pringle South Dakota comes to mind. The FLDS sect there might find a use for you. the rest of us in "fly over " Country have none.
I would say have a nice day, but I pray to GOD you don't.

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