Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My heart goes out to the people of Brussels

It is not too early to say it, you were betrayed by your leaders. Globalism does not work. Efforts to be all inclusive only work when the people you seek to include want to be an equal part of your culture.
Learn from History. Europe was partially over run by islamists, and all muslims are islamists whether we want to admit it or not. It took brutal fighting to get rid of them. We call that era the crusades. It has been demonized by people rewriting history. Those crusades pale in brutality compared to the evil brutality that the invading muslims did. There mantra then as now was convert or die. Many people chose death.
Leaders in Europe have gone all in with accepting these muslim hordes. Why? What kind of leader throws their faithful followers under a bus like that? Does Angela Jeckle not see that? does she insanely believe that the islamists will vote for her? They want to kill her just as much as they want to kill any other nonmuslim.
I'm sure every one has seen the numerous videos about Nostradamus that depict Europe burning. For decades, we have been told that it was the Russians and nuclear war. It just may be the terror bombings from the jihadists. We are at the brink of another world war. The destabilization of the middle east known as the Arab Spring are bearing terrible fruit.
We are in for a bad spell here as well. many of these worthless scum have been imported by Barry Soetoro the closet muslim fag and his evil handler, George Soros. We can't boot them all out. We can try though. They came here to spread terror. Their fake moon god and the rantings of the syphilis infected child molester are all about to things, killing people who don't believe just exactly like they do, and raping women and children. It is the history of islam, it is the future of islam. It is all what islam is about.
Right now 230 families are sleepless with the reality of what islam offers. Their loved ones are victims, not martyrs. They were offered no choice of convert or suffer, they were only made to suffer.

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