Sunday, March 6, 2016

But no nukes.....

The Air Force will be deploying B-52s to help in the fight against ISIS. What caught me was their description of Nuclear capable. Yes, the B-52  can carry nukes, and while the bomber has been involved in fights since the early days of Vietnam, it has never deployed a nuclear weapon in anger.
Another tidbit, even the F-16 can carry nukes. So why bring it up? We are not going to nuke Syria. It is too close to Israel, too close to Saudi Arabia, and too well backed by Russia. Maybe we should.
The B-52 has been the backbone of our Air Force for 60 years. 85 of them remain on active duty with another eight in reserve from an original 744 built. While the B-52 is projected to remain in front line service until at least 2040, the Air Force has retired several replacements and contemporaries.
So why does the media make the point of it being a nuke carrier? Is this fear mongering? Do people think ISIS fears nukes? Are we really fighting against ISIS? Lets remember that Hillary helped found ISIS after the over throw of K-Daffy, and it was during the transfer of weapons from Benghazi that Her cocriminal Stevens was kidnapped, ass raped and then murdered.
In the meantime, we will be using a sledge hammer on thumbtacks. Maybe we should nuke the bastards.

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