Sunday, December 25, 2016

Beyond dumb

A German green party politipuke delayed the release of pictures of the Berlin bomber over concerns of racism. Isn't it already racism? Weren't Caucasian Germans attacked by an African rapefugee?This has happened how many times now? How many of last years mass rapes during New Years celebrations were perpetuated by white guys? The number is closer to zero than to ten.
The problem though isn't race, it's religion, or more correctly, cultism. A certain faux religion rampaged across Europe a thousand years ago spreading terror in it's path. The perps raped and murdered as they went forcing people to convert.
When the Euro- peons finally had enough, they got just as barbaric as the pedophile's followers, and drove them back. I guess Green Party politician Till Steffen would be just peachy with his wife and children being raped by these murderous not hardly human scum? The man wimp should be taken out and shot. Better yet, drop him in the middle of one of the no-go zones which now proliferate European cities.
Europe will not win. It is that simple. They think themselves civilized. They will not fight back in a way that will stop the muslim invasion. The only way to win is to kill them. They do not fear death, they think they will be getting 72 virgins in the after life, so the only thing that will halt them is the death they crave.
The next time there is a murder, Germans need to march in to the nearest refugee camp and kill twenty of these scum. If there is a rape, they need to go to the camp and castrate twenty of them. When a second incident happens, increase the number of reparations to 50. Think of the movie red dawn, the original, where the Cuban and Russian troops lined up fifty locals and shot them after the wolverines ambushed a patrol.
That is not how it is. The rapefugees are the invaders, and the Germans need to become Wolverines. After a few ambush patrols, the invaders will reconsider their motivations. Some will leave. Some will choose to die. Regardless, the rapefugees lack military style leadership and discipline. Some are hard core, they will, wanting "virgins" fight until they find out it was a lie. Others, looking more for pleasure on earth, will opt to live long and prosper elsewhere.
It will not happen in Europe. They are sissified. They will not fight, they don't know how. The United States is another story. We still have the means to fight. Some of us will. Many though will be like Europeans and cower. The question is will there be enough counter barbarians to get the job done?
This is islam's fight. almost every terror attack since the dawn of the millennium has been jihad. For that matter, you can count back an additional eight years and not find very many attacks that were not islamic.
There is no god named allah. We know that. It's time they learn it as well.

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