Thursday, December 1, 2016

He will never be the salesman Barry was

The gun boon is not over! October was a record month as many people, fearing a communist win in the November election got in last minute purchases. Communism lost big time as Shrillary and all the baggage handlers in local and state offices were handed their walking papers.
It's not a victory round though, many first time buyers are now flocking to gun stores out of fear that conservatives will start acting like liberals. It's a legitimate fear, once elected, conservative legislators go to Washington and spend like democrats, so why wouldn't conservative voters, now empowered, start acting like liberals?
Actually, It's not a legitimate fear. If conservatives started acting like liberals, they would have to give up their jobs, start using drugs, and when eventually they began to kill, it would be other conservatives, not liberals.
I'm watching this, and I'm laughing my ass off. The possibilities are endless, It could go so far as Chicago relaxing gun laws so citizens can protect themselves from any conservatives who venture in from South Dakota. Be afraid Chiraq, if your own teen thug gangs don't get you, those Thune voters will! After they decimate Minnesota that is. Best get blankets for the couch, and pillows for the floor, you will have a flood of refugees from St Paul first.
Members of the LGBTQ community are also packing heat now. Warning conservatives, don't get prissy with a sissy or you will get regret it. A fruit will shoot your fruit.
A note to those who like perverted sex, its not conservatives wandering into night clubs, shouting aloha snackbar and killing every one in the place, its the darlings of liberalism, the muzzies.
Can you picture it? some guy walks in to a gay night club and opens fire. from behind a table, some pansy shouts, "are you a Trump supporter? "
The gunman shouts back, "allah be praised, I would kill him too."
The pansy then tells his friends," put your guns away, he's one of us."
We can scoff and joke all we want, irrational fear is still fear. I'm not about to reach across the isle to the liberal community and try to convince them I'm not a threat. I couldn't convince them Cankles was a crook, and the evidence for that is massive. Let them be scared. Heck, our cops are scared, and they have body armor and massive fire power on their side.
We have put up with eight years of lofo rule. Barry, prior to being sworn in and at as present-dunce err president never ran anything except his mouth. We were just as pissed off in 08 as the libtards are now. The difference? we had to get up the next morning and go back to work. Failure is not an option, it's work or starve. Whereas with the liberals, they have their hands out. Remember Denny's video of the cluster fuck O'bozo supporter who thought Barry was gonna pay for her car and home?

Yes, they really are that bad.
We can scoff at them, we can get mad at them, it doesn't matter, they will never learn. And now, we have more guns heading to the hood. They need to fear their own neighbors and not conservatives.
The fire arms industry made a mint during the last eight years. While the fears of the left will drive sales for a little while, the harsh sad fact is it will fizzle on the left side of the fence. Those who buy will not learn to appreciate shooting sports any more than conservatives will ever learn to appreciate crack cocaine.
Sorry, Donald, the salesman award will remain with Barry. You will have to settle for being the best builder to ever lead the nation.

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