Thursday, December 29, 2016

Careful there Chuck

Carlos Irwin Estévez has done enough coke in his life to kill two and a half men. He is a tough hombre in the same way mules are tough. You'd need to hit him hard between the eyes with a 4X4  just to get his attention long enough to tell him the time of day let alone any facts of life. He took to twitter to call on GOD to kill President elect Trump. Charlie, you best take a look around. Your entertainer  buddies are dropping like flies, and you aint living the cleanest life style. From your drug fueled days to your AIDS polluted bed, you are on a short list of people who are on borrowed time.
It's easy enough to understand his antics. His daddy, Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estevez, thinks he knows a thing or two about politics since he played a President on a trashy Hollywood shit-com. Like father, like son. Neither has the stuff between their ears to hold a real job, or be passable actors.
So, Chuck, FOAD, and take a few of your brain dead liberal friends with you.

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