Saturday, December 17, 2016


If Russia is to blame for HiLlARy not being elected, how did they do it? They owned her in more ways than one. The Uranium deal was a disaster for the United States and a gift beyond comparison to Putin. The "reset" at the beginning of her catastrophe as Shill of State made her one of the best jokes in Russia of all time. Heck, it made her a joke here as well. Russia, and Russian operatives gave at least $81 million to the Clinton Crime Foundation. That is $81 million that was funneled to her campaign. The Rooskies were banking on a win.
Maybe they should have given $82 million?

As the days of October turned into November, Shrillary was smug, believing that the election was in the bag for her, the thought of a loss was so alien to her that it likely never crossed her mind or that of any of the people who were manufacturing her "win".
This whole election cycle was supposed to be her coronation. It was pure show. The republican party had been packed with a bunch of unelectable riff raff. The plan, in simplest form, was to have the republican wing of the uniparty select a candidate who would not excite the masses. Some one with the charm of a pitbull, and the bite of a bull frog. The intended match up was Jeb Bush vs the Pig in a pantsuit.
That plan got thrown into disarray when Donald Trump entered the race. Piap fully failed to grasp the significance of his campaign. Maybe she thought the republican machine would falter as planned. Maybe she thought that all the illegals voting for her would sweep the table. Maybe she had so much confidence in the voter fraud that democrats typically perpetuate that her numbers would be unbeatable, even by some one with the popularity of Trump.
I believe that Illary saw the election as a mere formality. She did not campaign with any vigor. Part of that was due to her poor health, We all saw her coughing fits and collapse at the 9-11 ceremony. Most of it though was that she was banking on fraud to put her back in the White House. Fraud that stole the party nomination from Bernie Sanders. Who cares about Bernie though? He joined the party only to run, and left it as soon as he lost. He is as much a democrat as Jeff Sessions.
At this point, I am wondering if Trump was essential to the win. What killed her campaign was more hate of her than love of Trump. Trump is well liked, but he is also unproven in terms of politics. He is a well proven business man, a proven true conservative and a proven leader. Was all that what made the deal? How would Ted Crud err Cruz have fared? or for that matter, Jeb? Is HiLlARy so hated that in a national election she would put Pol Pot into office?
The media played a massive numbers hoax on us through the entire cycle. Surprisingly, they began to believe their own bull shit because they were in shock as the numbers came in on election night. What were the real numbers? Is it possible that any republican, even a faux conservative like Jeb could have won against the shrew?
We may never know. I don't see her making another run. Given the state of her health, she may not last out the first Trump term even if he does not prosecute her for her numerous crimes.
We may never see another election like this one. With control of so many state legislatures, Governors, and Attorney's General, reforms to the election process may happen that would make the massive voter fraud seen in many socialist bastions a thing of the past. The only hell holes that will not voluntarily reform are ones like California, Illinois, Maryland and New York. There is hope for them as well though. An economic resurgence may very well see their party machines collapse.
IN worldly terms, the future looks pretty good today. Don't bet the farm though. I read the book, I know how this ends. In four or eight years, Trump will step down. There is not a man like him politically active to replace him.

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