Sunday, December 4, 2016

Makes me wonder

While all around professional football they are mourning the shooting death of Joe McKnight, in New Orleans, what was a suspect in custody with charges likely has morphed into that subject being released. A star witness who claimed that the shooter shot McKnight, then stood over him and fired again has been proven false. What other parts of her story fell apart? Will we ever have the truth? I believe we will, but whether it gets lost in the false narrative or rises to the surface is the unknown.
Was the incident road rage or roid rage? Drug abuse is not limited to the boys of summer. One has to wonder why an athlete drafted as high as McKnight was ended up playing in the Canadian league. I know, closer to the North Pole, so Santa could get him his gifts sooner.
I'm no expert in that field, I have no skin in the game. Still, I see another chance for American Pravda to advance the false narrative about black lies. So, the simple question is, was McKnight a victim of white on black violence, or was it black on white violence gone awry?

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