Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Report

This year I decided to give my wife a puppy for Christmas. A friend's dachshund had one pup, and it was supposed to be ready Christmas Eve.
Well, they called on Monday and wanted it picked up early. No problem, I didn't mind giving it to her early, she knew what she was getting. We'd named her Winnie. Not because she makes a lot of Pooh either, Winnie the Weinee Dog.
Our old dog, Cee Cee, is a Papillon  male, eight years old, and a very friendly animal. Whinny is a typical puppy, whiny. Cee Cee likes to sleep up on a couch. Dog bed? Gave up on that about five years ago.
Winnie though has legs that are about two inches long. OK, 2 1/8th. A lot of her time is spent attempting to get on and whining at Cee Cee.
This morning, I hopped in the shower, and the wife decided to take care of the animals, she let both dogs out. We live in the middle of no where, the nearest neighbor is a quarter mile away, so they are allowed to just run.
I get done with my shower, and knowing the wife had put the dogs out, I go to let them back in. No dogs! I go out and walk around the house looking for them. Pretty soon Cee Cee comes running up from the north road. It is a six foot embankment, so I immediately dash over to check if Winnie is out in the road. No winnie!
It was windy btw and while I am calling, I can't hear anything but the wind whistling through the trees. In a lull though I hear what sounds like geese coming from the field between me and the neighbor. Out of options, I hear that direction. As I walk, the occasional sounds of "Geese" gets clearer and louder. When I get to their house, there is Winnie by their door, whining her heart out.
How does a puppy with two inch legs cover that distance in ten minutes?
Here is my theory. Cee Cee is a typical male. tired of her whining, he heads for the sanctuary of the pasture. She follows. He manages to ditch her though, then returns home. Yup, its genetic.

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