Saturday, December 10, 2016

Olga Cox is right about one thing

If you have not heard about this or seen the video, you are not paying attention.

Olga is right however about one thing, the nation is as divided now as when we fought our (un)Civil War. Then as now, the democrat party is intolerant. Like a small child, they demand "their way" and are completely unreceptive to other people having feelings, opinions, view points.
Our campuses have become indoctrination centers for the socialists. It does not matter to them that socialism has failed every where it has been tried. They want to make it a world wide system. They love to point to Cuba as their shining city on a hill. Havana has some nice areas, the Castro brothers have made a beautiful facade to lure tourists in with their dollars and euros. Much of the nation though sits in abject decay. If one looks at the buildings, now fallen into disrepair, you see elements which show Cuba was once a rich and prosperous nation. It is a nation frozen in time. The people who roam the streets are aliens to the wealth that once was. It is like sea creatures swimming through the wreck of the Titanic. The clearest mark to Cuba's success is that none of the rafts or boats loaded with refugees was bound for Cuba.
Yes, Olga, we are a nation divided. Will it come to a "hot" civil war? If it does, just as in 1861, democrats will fire the first shots. But conservatives must stand their ground. If it is worth making an issue of, we cannot back down, we cannot pack up and leave. There is no where we can run to, socialism is failing nearly every where, and those places not beset by it are even worse, suffering under the oppression of dictatorial regimes like Iran or North Korea.

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