Thursday, December 29, 2016

I'm not with you, Sorry

California Assemblyman Jay Obernolte wants to make attacks on Law enforcement officers a hate crime. First, we are talking about Mexifornia, their death row is so backed up because of the beurocraptic nightmare that is liberalism, they won't get any of those hates executed before natural causes takes them any way.
Second, I am totally against "hate crimes" legislation. Instead of creating special classes, we need to hold judges accountable for their arrogance and make them impose the punishments that the legislatures placed on the crimes.  Every person convicted of 1st degree murder should get to do an air dance, not just the ones who have lousy liars err lawyers.
Speaking of special classes, we already give cops extra benefit, punching a cop isn't battery, it's Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer. Enhancing it did nothing to curb the radical behavior. Hanging or electrocuting criminals makes damn sure of one thing, that criminal won't be a problem for any body else.
I am not trying to be anti cop here. I am very much prolaw enforcement. That is not the same as pro cop though. The simple truth is that if we dealt with the criminals in a meaningful way the first time they offended, we would not have nearly as many second time offenders. NO PROBATION!!! You don't need to send them to prison, in fact, prison is a university for bad behavior. Instead, horse whip them after the first felony, or the third misdemeanor. If they end up in front of a judge again, castrate them. The bad boy persona that attracts foolish horny women doesn't do much good when your junk is in a pickle jar on the shelf.
That is what we need to do to get these scum bags to aide by society's rules. Don't get shook up about it though, our courts are too chicken shit to do a damn thing. Job security and all.

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