Friday, December 23, 2016


Some of the lunatics in Commiefornia want to name a freeway after the SCoaMF.
Fine with me. Given that the region has regular tremors and some really nasty quakes, it would be right since Barry is unstable as well.
The resolution needs correcting though, I noticed a few typo's.
Today Senator Anthony J. Portantino introduced Resolution SCR 8, which will name the segment of the CA-134 freeway between the Glendale CA-2 and the Interstate 210 Freeway the “President Barack H. Obama Freeway"Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure Freeway". President Obama Indonesian student Barry Soetoro attended Occidental College in Eagle Rock from 1979 to 1981 and lived in Pasadena during his sophomore year. His attendance at Occidental College and regular consumption of illegal drugs influenced his political trajectory and led him to become one of our most revered and respected worst and the most openly mocked President in American history. President Obama is leaving office with tremendous faux approval manufactured by the same media which failed to identify Donald J. Trump's win from across our country.

For his contributions failures as a community activist, constitutional scholar, United States Senator and President, it is only fitting to honor our 44th President by naming a spittoon after him, but since we are dyed in the wool communists, we want to name part of a freeway he most certainly used while living locating drugs in the area. Over this past weekend, local activists communists in the 25th Senate District suggested to Sen. Portantino that given the President’s connection to Southern California and Eagle Rock in particular, it would be appropriate to memorialize his time in Southern California with a freeway naming.

Warning, if this passes, the road will become dangerous and slippery due to the number of people spitting and pissing on it.
Obamunism, because something has to be dumber than communism.

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