Friday, December 2, 2016

Whoda thunk it

The perpetrator of some anti Trump graffiti in Philly has been identified. Mayor Kenney  announced to the press that after video footage of the incident was released, one of the vandals was identified. It was a City Attorney. Duncan Lloyd is a city solicitor. He was identified as one of the two who sprayed anti Trump. As of Friday, the POS still had his job. He should be out a job and stripped of his law license.
In other east coast news, a man who sprayed pro Trump graffiti was also caught. The perp in this case was William Tucker. Tucker, who is black, sprayed Trump rules and black bitch on a White SUV owned by a elderly black woman.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again,  the people doing these are not conservatives. Liberalism is a mental disease. Keep that in mind. It is not mere ideology that separates left from right, it is a total mind set. People on the left can not understand how conservatives actually think. It is beyond their ability to comprehend it. They want to ascribe liberal feelings as if it were a mirror, and that is not the case.
Conservatives were just as upset with the election of Barry Soetoro as liberals are with the selection of Donald Trump. We did not riot, we accepted it, that to us is how republican government is supposed to work, some times you lose, especially when the asshole selected to be the conservative candidate is as big a waste of flesh as the liberal one.
Conservatives did not dislike Barry because of the color of his skin. It was the content of his character, or really, the lack there of, which spurred our disdane. When I looked at Barry, I saw a person with no real world experience, a man who had never run a business. never led troops, never accomplished a darn thing in his life. His sole claim to fame was being black. He had no practical experience in government. He'd been a state legislator for two years and a senator for two more. He had no signature legislation, and had never worked across the isle with dissenting people. I also did not like his policies. I am prolife, small government and oppose welfare. I am just a typical conservative. Metaphorically, a Ford man stuck in a Yugo.
I do however understand how liberals think. I've dealt with two year olds.

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