Thursday, August 13, 2009

Answer to a question

A commenter asked why I hate Obama.

I do not hate Obama. In fact most Americans do not hate him. He is very popular at this point. his programs and ideas are NOT.

I regard the man as inept. He does not know, nor does he want to compromise. He is ramming his agenda down our throats and I do not like that. he ran as a moderate. his voting record, though spotty, was clearly far left liberal, but the mediocre chose to ignore it, and in some cases to actively cover for him. Some people attempted to bring the real Obama to light, but too often they were ignored or marginalized as racist.
His claim to bring openness to government is a bald faced lie. He is not open at all, he is a liar.
His poll numbers show that he, as a person is popular. His ideas not so popular, in fact some of them flat out suck. He is on pace to make Carter look highly competent, and may in cfact do so by October 30th.

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