Sunday, August 16, 2009

We need an Army of Sarahs

When Sarah Palin resigned as governor of Alaska, the media was quick to write her off as dead. This has become a familiar tactic, we should all know it by now. They have been doing this sort of skullduggery since before Reagan was president. remember when he was asked his position on the cold war? he replied "We win, they lose". The media was on him like flies on shit. they attempted to destroy him. Now they are attacking Sarah.
As long as she stays in the news, she is having an impact. Presidential material? ready to lead? She has shown she is both. She would still be govenor of Alaska were it not for morally bankrupt people nearly financially bankrupting her by way of their ethics investigations. She has the know how to lead, the mental toughness to make hard decisions, and is smart enough to know when to back off and let her opponents make total fools of themselves.
She called their game on the death panels. Pin the tail on the donkey? More like showing that the shoe fits while they still have their foot in their mouths. Now they are like a cartoon Odie yelping arround with the laces tied behind their ears.
Never count the media out though, they are coming to the rescue. They will save the crooked politicians even if it destroys America. Sixty years ago our enemy was communism embodied by Stalin and the thugs of the Soviet Union. Evil men who enslaved Eastern Europe and much of Asia. Today the face of communism wears a Hart Schaffer and Marx suit and commands power in Washington.
People seeking freedom have long come here, we have been the lamp in a cold dark night for a century or more. How about if the thugs in washington who are hell bent on communizingAmerica go to China or Cuba, help them get it right, then send us a post card?

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