Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dear Dennis Moore

I respect your decision to not hold town hall meetings here in Kansas. It is clear that you have made up your feeble mind and do not wish to hear anything from the voters you represent. We all understand that once a political program is in place, it is next to impossible to get rid of it no matter how bad. Witness the Dept of Energy, it is a useless worthless government program that does nothing at all like it was intended to, an utter failure.
Health care votes will come home to roost if this boondoggle passes, and you will most likely be cut by the voters you claim to represent.
You received two threats? Given that you represent a large chunk of eastern Kansas, the fact it was only two, if that, is small potatoes. thousands around Ft. Riley wanted to kick Nancy Boyduh's ass, that's why she got booted from office this past election.
It should be obvious to you that the voters do NOT WANT THIS LEGISLATION. Think and act, and you might keep your job next election.
We fully understand what this is all about. We are tired of the bullshit numbers you and the liars throw out about those uninsured. many of us choose to be uninsured. That is our right. The constitution limits what you can do, or at least it is supposed to. You in congress have been ignoring it for nearly eighty years, why start paying attention to it now?
We also have seen what happens in other nations with communized health care. We can read all about their snow balling hellcare all over the internet. We are not stupid enough to expect any different from you or your ilk. Considering how poorly the fed has managed the micro versions, medicare, medicaid, VA, etc, I want nothing to do with government ineptitude in my health care management. You can't even run the post office, If you could, Fed Ex would not exist, UPS would be part of the USPS, and most if not all of the LTL trucking companies like Yellow Freight, Roadway etc would not be there either.
We can gauge government ability by its past record.We understand that Katrina happened on the watch Of GW Bush. We also understand that a large percentage of the people involved came from other previous administrations, some as far back as Carter, the former worst president.
So don't meet with your voters. by now you should have a feel about what they think. If you represent us, vote accordingly. if you do not, in 2010 we can fill your seat with someone who does.
Check out this for more reliable info from another Kansan you are supposed to represent. We are not fooled by the antics of your fellow congressmorons.

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