Monday, August 31, 2009

Top ten ways the Health Care Bill is just like Ted

Democrats are considering naming the health care bill after Ted Kennedy, which is actually kind of appropriate if you think about it.


10. It’s bloated beyond belief.

9. Liberals love it while completely ignoring the harm it will do to people.

8. While you’re dying, it will do nothing.

7. It has no concept of morality in its actions.

6. It will only make empty gestures of helping others while primarily being concerned about preserving its own power.

5. People in the Beltway think it’s great, while everyone else is like “WTF?”

4. Death of others considered only a mild inconvenience to it.

3. It’s often incomprehensible.

2. You shouldn’t let it near your daughter.

And the number one way the health care bill is like Ted Kennedy…

Soon, it will be dead.
And from comments, numbers 11 through 16.

11. America is better off without it.

12. The more the public finds out about it, the less they like it.

13. Ten years from now, it will still be dead.

14. It prattles on forever and no one can quite make out what it’s saying, but everyone knows for sure it isn’t good.

15. It’s fat, smells bad, and does nothing but cause destruction.

16. Both would stand a better chance of killing a young woman than of saving her life.

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