Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Foolish to take guns to these town hall meetings with the prez.

I support the right to keep and bear arms. I'm to the far right on the issue, believing that the right to keep and bear arms comes from beyond the constitution and that every gun law is a clear violation of the same.
That said, If you take a gun to an event where the president will be appearing, law enforcement is concentrating on you. You become a focus of attention. They know who you are, don't be fooled, and willl dig through your drawers with a microscope just like Clinton did to those who opposed him.
But the worse possibility is that while the LEOs and Secretion Service are concentration on you, some dingle bery with bad motives sneaks through and offs this useless scumbag. Then you go under the microscope worse then you could ever imagine. The FBI will be the federal Bunghole Inspectors as they crawl up your ass with an electron microscope to exmine your vocal cords. Don't be the distraction that makes this POS a martyr for the extreme left. Its bad enough they have Che and Lenin.
Walk softly, and in this case leave the big stick in the car or at home.

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