Saturday, August 1, 2009

Toxic Garden

The culprit has been named in the Obama gardening fiasco, its the Clintons.
According to American Pravda, the Clintons had sludge trucked in for fertilizer and that is the source of the lead contamination. I'm buying that like a turd sandwich, and its not because I liked worhtless willie. It was most likely the same folk who planted the vegies for Michelle.
Lets get real here, Bill probanly told some staffer, hey, I want the flowers doing better so I can pick boquets for Monica, err Hillary, so do something about it. the gardner opted for the cheap and got sludge.
So how does lead get into human sludge? I know DC has a high crime rate, so are perps dumping bullets down the toilet? Not likely. My bet would be on old lead plumbing. Lead traps for sinks and tubs are still all too common, and in some third world localities lead pipes still exist in the municipal water supplies. We would hope all U.S. Cities have been updated, but its possible the capital still has a few lead lines. Lead joints still exist in many copper supplies. We have had lead free solders for years, but not everything has been updated. poorer homes and tenaments may still have plumbing from the early seventies.
I wish American Pravda would give us real facts. blaming the Clintons may be beneficial if Barry plans to boot her from SoS. Other then that, its a waste of paper and pixels.

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